The Memorial Foundation is a non profit organization incorporated in 1991 under the Societies Act of Alberta. Jaimie and Tammy-Lynn were two dancers that lost their lives in 1990, en route to a performance in Penticton with their fellow dancers from The Artistique Performing Arts Company (APAC).

The Hill Powers Memorial Foundation exists to further the advancement of the performing arts, specifically dance for children and youth through its Vision, Mission and Goals.


Dance • Music • Song • Drama • Youth • Laughter Live On


To create an accessible and affordable indoor venue for the performing arts community, provide support to young amateur performers, recognize all the dancers of Artistique Performing Arts Company (APAC) and preserve a dance legacy in memory of Jaimie Hill and Tammy-Lynn Powers.


  • Provide a high profile and easily accessible venue for the performing arts community, in a location that will maximize the use of a theatre facility for the entire Calgary and surrounding region.
  • Promote interest, participation and develop partnerships with the community through high caliber performances and programs.
  • Provide young performers, groups and schools with a facility to host, entertain, educate and showcase talent.
  • Provide scholarships for children and youth to pursue dance and other training and performing opportunities.
  • Develop apprenticeship programs and promote employment opportunities for interested youth in the community.
  • Provide a facility where entertainment is affordable for community groups, organizations, families, tourists and conventions