Dance Scholarship 2011

On behalf of the Jaimie Hill & Tammy Lynn Powers Memorial Foundation we want to thank you all for a successful 2011 Dance Scholarship audition. We hope that all of you will continue to dance and even though we cannot give everyone of you a scholarship, you all deserve recognition and we hope that you will try out for the next audition scholarships in 2013. The scores were close and you all did very well.

Keep dancing!

Congratulations to the 2011 Dance Scholarship Recipients:

Scholarship Winners 2011

  • Amy Patterson
  • Maegan Vocke
  • Sydney Levitt
  • Ben Dagos
  • Jimmy Nguyen
  • Laura Torgrimson
  • Madalyn Bencsik
  • Bailee Wilson
  • Hayley Swancar
  • Lan Tran
  • Quinn Fieldstone
  • Jenalee Hardy
  • Shelby Rutten
  • Vanessa Swancar
  • Elljay Timmangen
  • Jordan Chabeniuk
  • Alex Hamilton
  • Autumn Thom
  • Emma Tran
  • Kennedy Palaschuk
  • Madison McDougall
  • Neve Raycroft


The next Dance Scholarship Auditions will be held in 2013.


Thank you all for trying out! Good Luck in your dancing!